Recommendations for Interstate Patients

Key Points on Interstate Travel for Circumcision

We are pleased to welcome patients from other states and territories.

Here are recommendations for men and families travelling some distance and requiring a local hotel or other accommodation when attending our clinic for a consultation, procedure, and/or follow-up.

  • Please ensure that you speak with our doctor before you travel so that a pre-evaluation can be done beforehand. In rare cases, the pre-evaluation will indicate that a circumcision cannot be performed and unnecessary travel and/or costs can be avoided.
  • A photo of the patient’s penis structure is to be sent by text or email directly to our doctor prior to making an appointment or travel plans in order for our doctor to determine if the surgery can be performed safely. The pictures are strictly confidential and go directly into the patient’s medical file.
  • Please plan on staying locally for 5 or 6 days in order to permit an initial consultation, the circumcision procedure, and a post-procedure follow-up visit on day 4 after the procedure. The required stay may be shorter in some cases but please plan as indicated.
  • Although our usual circumcision procedure uses skin glue instead of stitches, we may recommend stitches if you do not expect to be available for in-person follow-up visits after an adult circumcision procedure. Glue offers some benefits but stitches may be preferred if you are travelling right after the procedure.
  • In rare cases we may need to see the patient six weeks or longer after the procedure for an in-person follow-up.  This is unusual, but is a possibility.
  • Our doctor may request that you send photos of the healing circumcision so that we can confirm the normal progression of healing.

Please be aware of these points, and just let us know what questions you may have.

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Hotel Accommodations

These properties are relatively close to our clinic location. You may find others that are equally convenient. We do not intend to recommend these hotels over any others, and cannot vouch for service level, so please do your own research as well.

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