how much is cirumcision in Melbourne, Victoria?The price for a circumcision at our Melbourne clinic will be determined primarily by the patient’s age. Medicare does not cover circumcision except where medically necessary and performed in a hospital setting.

To get the precise cost of a circumcision for your son, or for yourself, please use the Cost Confirmation request form and we will get back to you fast with pricing detail.

Please call us during clinic hours at (03) 9808 1244 for a quick reply for pricing and appointment availability.

You can reach us after hours via the Contact form or Appointment Request form.

Infant Circumcision Pricing & Booking Procedure

You can request a circumcision appointment now for your son. You do not need a referral from your family physician. Please contact Gentle Procedures Melbourne directly for an appointment at either of our circumcision clinics and we will be pleased to schedule the procedure directly.

If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of circumcision for your son (or yourself), or any questions regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may first book a consultation with Doctor Islam before you choose to book the circumcision.

For full detail on our infant circumcision procedure using the Pollock Technique™ please see the Circumcision Method page.

Adult Circumcision Fees at our Melbourne Clinics

The fees for an older boy or adult circumcision procedure at our Melbourne clinics are based on the age of the patient. The adult circumcision cost will be paid in two parts. 10% is paid upon booking the procedure (after a consultation appointment), and the balance is due the day of the circumcision.

For a pricing confirmation for an adult circumcision procedure please use the circumcision cost confirmation form.

To learn more about getting circumcised at an older age please visit the dedicated Adult Circumcision page on this site.

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Melbourne Circumcision Fee Summary by Age

Pricing for Infant Circumcision

The cost for circumcising a baby boy up to 4 weeks of age is $400 at our Melbourne circumcision clinics in Berwick and Burwood.

The cost for a baby over 4 weeks and up to 8 weeks of age is $500.

The price increases with age so higher fees will apply for older babies and toddlers. Medicare does not pay for routine infant circumcision.

Please contact us by phone during clinic hours at (03) 9808 1244 or use the Cost Confirmation form anytime to get the circumcision cost that applies in your case if your son is over 8 weeks of age. Fees increase proportionally as your son gets older.

Pricing for Adult Circumcision

For adult circumcision, we recommend a consultation appointment as a first step.

If you are considering getting circumcised as an adult, please book an appointment for a consultation so that Dr. Islam can review the procedure and outcomes with you before you finalize your decision. On the day of the consultation you will pay a 10% deposit to confirm your circumcision procedure appointment. This deposit will be retained to cover the cost of the consultation even if you later cancel the procedure.

Please go ahead and request a cost confirmation now and we will be able to reply with the cost for adult circumcision at our Melbourne clinics. Medicare does not cover circumcision for personal or cosmetic reasons.

Pricing for Boys & Teens

The cost for circumcising an older boy or adolescent will depend on the age of the child and on any complicating factors.

We recommend booking a consultation appointment as an initial step. On the day of the consultation you will pay a 10% deposit to confirm the circumcision procedure appointment. This deposit will be retained to cover the cost of the consultation even if you later cancel the procedure.

If your son requires circumcision as boy or teen it is best to review the situation with our circumcision doctor so that you can make a fully informed choice, and so that we can confirm how much the circumcision will cost. Medicare only pays for circumcision for a medical reason like phimosis.

Common Questions

How should we prepare for the procedure?

We will speak with you to confirm on how to prepare for the circumcision.

For infants we recommend feeding your son before coming in for the procedure, and bringing along extra nappies.

We will also have you give him baby Panadol. This will be reviewed with you in detail, and you can ready more about the steps before your boy’s circumcision on the Infant Circumcision page.

What circumcision method is used at your clinic?

At the Gentle Procedures Clinic, we practice the Pollock Technique™, proven safe in over 50,000 procedures.

We use this technique because it provides an extremely quick and virtually painless experience for the child and has world leading positive outcomes.

We are offering circumcision for all ages using the same safe technique. For children, adolescent and adult circumcision please contact us today.

For full detail on our circumcision method using the Pollock Technique™ please see the Circumcision Method page.

What are the benefits and costs of circumcision?

Circumcision has been the topic of debate for many decades. Research and scientific studies indicate that there are a number of medical benefits that result from this procedure.

Circumcision benefits include:

  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was reduced by 53% to 60%.
  • Herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) was reduced by 28% to 34%.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) was reduced by 32% to 35%.
  • Among female partners of circumcised men, bacterial vaginosis was reduced by 40% and Trichomonas vaginalis infection was reduced by 48%.
  • Many of these studies were done in developing countries. The protective effects of circumcision may be lower in Australia.

Circumcision Appointment

Additional health benefits of circumcision include the following:

Potential benefits
Cost for a circumcision -how much is it in Sydney NSW Australia

  • Lower risk of getting cancer of the penis, a rare type of cancer.
  • Lower risk of urinary tract infections during the first year of life. Urinary tract infections during the first year of life can be serious and may lead to hospitalization. An uncircumcised baby boy has a 1 in 100 chance of getting a urinary tract infection during the first year of life, compared with a 1 in 1000 chance for a circumcised baby boy.
  • Prevention of foreskin infections.
  • Prevention of phimosis, a painful condition in which the foreskin retracts. Circumcised males do not get this condition.
  • Easier genital hygiene.
  • Studies now show that circumcision may also significantly reduce Prostate Cancer

Because so many studies have indicated a link between circumcisions and improved health and lower incidence of serious, sometimes deadly diseases, demand for infant circumcision has increased dramatically.